Hojjat Fanavar Pazhooh Knowledge-based Company was founded in 2009 in partnership with a group of elite university graduates, with a background of cooperating in expert groups, with the aim of creating a space for research and technology for the purpose of applied and operational needs. The company has achieved a significant role in providing technical and engineering services with the support of its specialized and experienced staff. The company strives to remove the worries of domestic and overseas industry owners by research, design, reverse engineering, re-engineering, management, consultation and administrative supervision, in small and big projects, with the help of scientific principles, efficient and calculated techniques. Hojjat Fanavar Pazhooh Knowledge-based Company has been able to provide valuable activities with the help of 35 committed and specialized staff at bachelor’s, master’s and Phd levels in telecommunications, electronics, electro-optics and mechanics. Adopting modern technologies; specialized and experienced workforce; teamwork; continuous quality monitoring; discipline; diligence of management and employees; laboratory and workshop facilities are all features of Hojjat Fanavar Pazhooh Knowledge-based Company that led the company to be known as one of the most reliable and active companies in the field of technical engineering services.The company has valuable activities in different fields such as electronics, electro-optics and telecommunications.